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Do you Own a Classic Car?

Jul 12, 2013

When you are the owner of a classic car, taking measures to maintain your precious vehicle will provide peace of mind when you are planning to show it in the future. Basic Safety When you are looking for auto insurance to protect your vehicle, it is important to take measures to keep the car as safe as possible. Limit the amount of driving you do in the vehicle so that it stays in pristine shape and has a low risk of accidents. Keep the vehicle in a garage when you are not driving so that the risk of theft or accidents are low. Get the Right Coverage A classic car needs a different type of auto insurance than any other car on the road. Look at the classic vehicle insurance options before you purchase any coverage and determine if it is appropriate. If you plan to show the vehicle, make sure the insurance plan has provisions for potential problems that may occur at a show. Keeping your classic vehicle safe is part of your responsibility as the owner of the vehicle. Fortunately, insurance options are available to protect your asset so that you do not need to worry. To learn more about insurance in Northern California, contact Gateway Professional Insurance Services.
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