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How Much Life Insurance do I Really Need?

Jul 22, 2013

When you are trying to determine how much life insurance to purchase for your family and financial goals, several consideration go into the calculation. Income Your income level plays a significant role in the amount you need because your loved ones will need to replace that amount if something happens. Age Although income is essential, your age is more important. When you are a young adult, you may have limited responsibilities. If you are relatively young and have children, then you will need more coverage to ensure your children are able to reach adulthood if something happens to you. An older individual might not have children at home, so the amount of insurance is more limited. Concerns The final aspect of determining an appropriate amount of life insurance is the particular concerns that you are facing. For example, if you want to leave behind funds as an inheritance, then you might want more than if you want to avoid leaving a financial burden. Life insurance is an important part of protecting the future of your loved ones, but the amount you need will depend on your situation and the concerns that you have. To learn more about coverage options in California, contact Gateway Professional Insurance Services.
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