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What You Need to Know About Workers' Compensation

Jul 19, 2013

Workers' compensation is a necessary policy that you need to have when you have employees. It protects you, your business and your employees by providing benefits when an employee is injured. Following Workers' Compensation 101 covering what you need to know about how this type of insurance works.
  • When an employee is injured on the job or has sustained an injury while performing a work-related duty, said employee can file a claim.
  • Injuries that are covered range from sudden accidents to repetitive strain injuries that happen over time.
  • Employees can receive compensation for illnesses and diseases that are a result of working in less-than-ideal conditions.
  • Benefits include medical coverage, income compensation, rehabilitation and death benefits when the employee dies as a result of the injuries.
Workers' compensation covers these issues as long as they are purely work related. If the injuries are obtained while not working, they are not covered by workers' compensation whatsoever. Having a policy in place minimizes the possibility that the injured employee will file a lawsuit against the business. However, workers compensation does not protect against a lawsuit when the accident was caused by employer negligence, an incentive to ensure that the workplace is safe at all times. If you are in the Vacaville area and are looking for information about insurance policies, contact Gateway Professional Insurance Services about what is available.
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