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Do You Really Need Renters Insurance?

Aug 5, 2013

If you are renting, you need renters insurance, no two ways about it. Your property is not covered by your landlord's insurance in the event something adverse happens. When a thief breaks into your home or a fire breaks out, your property is not going to be replaced by the landlord's insurance policy. It is only there to protect the structure and elements that come with the unit or building. It takes a separate policy, or renters insurance, to cover the losses you've suffered as result of the destruction or loss of your property. Chances are good that you've invested a lot of money into your personal possessions. Maybe you've bought a game console and own many games, have a flat-screen TV, a desktop computer or a laptop. None of these items were cheap when you bought them; ask yourself if you can afford to buy replacements for any or all of them. If the answer is no, then you're going to need a renters insurance policy to cover what you can't. Concerned about cost? Don't be. A policy is very affordable and gives you peace of mind for a relatively small amount. If you are in the Vacaville area, and interested in information about how a renters insurance policy works, contact Gateway Professional Insurance Services today.
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