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Fairfield Fire

Aug 28, 2013

Dear friends, I wanted to let you know that when disaster struck in our community this evening you Salvation Army was there!  We first learned about the fire that consumed a number of homes in Fairfield around 4:45 PM.  After make some phone calls and determining the scope of he fire and the potential need we received confirmation around 5:15 PM that our support was needed to provide dinner for 150+ emergency personnel at the staging area and to victims at the Red Cross shelter. You would have been so proud to witness what I witnessed.  Staff and Kroc Center members swung into action, cooking, icing down drinks and loading our minivan with the supplies we would need to get the job done.  Michael even ran to his parents house to borrow his fathers pickup truck so we could carry tables with us to the scene. At 6:37 PM we arrived on scene with the Napa Salvation Army canteen (see attached pics), with a team of volunteers, hot coffee, cold water, snacks, fruit and a full meal prepared at the Kroc Center by staff and volunteers. By the time we left late this evening we had served 197 meals to those at the shelter and emergency crews at two locations. In addition to providing a hot meal and words of encouragement and gratitude we built a great deal of goodwill with all those involved. Please let me know if you have any questions. Blessings, Jonathan Solano County Salvation Army  
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