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How to Safely Handle a Blowout

Aug 28, 2013

Even if you regularly maintain your tires it is very possible that you will experience a tire blowout at some time. Often it may be due to debris on the road or another circumstance that you can't adequately prepare for. Following the appropriate safety measures will help you safely maneuver through this emergency, even if it occurs on the freeway or in another potentially hazardous area. When a tire blowout occurs you want to avoid stepping on the gas, even though this will be the first impulse most people have. Instead, you will want to calmly begin moving towards the shoulder of the road. You will want to continue signaling as appropriate to other drivers, and you will want to lower your speed not by using the brakes but by easing off on the gas pedal. Once you have gotten into the shoulder of the lane you should engage your emergency lights to let people know that you are there. Remember to always remain in a safe place on the shoulder of the road. You can't always prevent every possible emergency. To make sure that you are appropriately covered in the event that something does happen to you or your car, contact the experts at Gateway Professional Insurance Services.
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