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Liability - What is it and Who Does it Affect?

Aug 23, 2013

Liability is the term used to describe the type of insurance that protects you against claims that others may make against you for injuries they incur on your property or in your business, or for damage your business or property may cause. As a business or property owner, if someone files a lawsuit against you because of something for which you are responsible, the long term effects of not having adequate liability insurance to protect your investments could be devastating. You could lose your business, your property, and potentially, all of your savings. Paying to settle a lawsuit out of pocket because you didn't have adequate insurance coverage could wipe you out financially. You aren't the only one who will feel the impact of the financial settlement – in the worst case scenario. Your business exists, at least in part, because of the employees who work for you, and the things they do to keep it running efficiently and productively. The amount of coverage you have and the extent to which it protects your business, affects the lives of all of your employees. Anyone who owns a business or property, or anyone who owns or rents their home, needs to have insurance to cover their investment. That insurance needs to protect you against anything for which you could potentially be held liable. Contact Gateway Professional Insurance Services to discuss coverage options to fit your needs.
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