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Build Your Business Relationships on the Green

Sep 20, 2013

If you live and do business in Vacaville and are not taking advantage of the area's many highly rated golf courses, you are missing opportunities. There's a reason that the golf course is one of those cliché places to network for business: the combination of a slow-paced game and beautiful outdoor scenery are relaxing, pleasant, and lend themselves to forming the bonds that are so important in business relationships. If you've never golfed in the area, it can be hard to know which course to start with. Cyprus Lakes Golf Course on Meridian Road features 18 holes in a wide open setting that can give novice golfers more confidence. Reviewers on GolfLink say that the Paradise Valley Course in nearby Fairfield is a public course that is as beautiful and well-maintained as many privately owned golf courses. The 9-hole course at the Green Tree Golf Club is perfect for when you only have time for a shorter game. You take good care of your business, and we do, too. To ensure that your company's insurance needs are being met, contact the caring agents at Gateway Professional Insurance Services.
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