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Insurance Coverage for Apartment Building Owners

Sep 23, 2013

If you currently own an apartment building, you should be aware that you may have some unique insurance needs. As an apartment owner, you will require both business and property insurance. Your property insurance policies will be necessary to insure the structure of your property against specific types of damage, such as floods, earthquakes, fire and more. An apartment building owner doesn't just lose the value of their property in these events, but they can also potentially lose revenue due to a displacement of their tenants. Most apartment building owners will also need a business liability insurance to protect themselves from anything that could potentially occur with their tenants. Business liability insurance will be able to protect you in the event that someone is injured upon your property or something unexpected occurs within one of the units that you are liable for. It can also be of aid if something occurs within your swimming pool, sauna, parking area or other community locations. Many insurance policies can be tailored to meet the needs of an apartment building owner, and like all types of insurance you can shop around as necessary. For more information about the business and property insurance needs for apartment owners contact the experts at Gateway Professional Insurance Services in California.
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