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Tips for Forming a Carpool

Sep 16, 2013

In today’s busy life, anything you can do to save time is very important. Forming a carpool with other nearby parents to take kids to and from school or activities is one of the best ways you can save this precious time. These tips will help you form a carpool that is sure to be successful.
  • Choose reliable parents. You don’t want to constantly have to shuffle due to parents who are late or forget when it is their turn.
  • Create an email/phone list. That way all the parents in the carpool can stay in contact with one another easily.
  • Have rules about what parents should do if a child is sick, late or getting dropped off at a house without a parent present. These rules keep things moving smoothly.
  • Plan a carpool route. That way every parent has a route that is around the same length and the children are less likely to be late to school or activities.
If you have any questions about how being the carpool parent can affect your insurance rates, or have general insurance queries in or around Vacaville, give us a call at Gateway Professional Insurance Services today.
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