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Master Condo Insurance Before Tragedy Strikes

Oct 21, 2013

Condo insurance is a bird of a different feather, much like a peacock. Having a trusted and knowledgeable insurance agent like Gateway Professional Insurance Services makes the difference between being fully covered and a disaster. In a tragedy, those holes may cause huge personal and financial losses. 

Take the economic downturn, for instance. In one community, prior to 2008, a robust master insurance policy covered injuries and damages to unit owners in the community clubhouse. Post 2008, the same master policy was whittled down, putting the responsibility for liability coverage fully on individual unit owners.   

The best place to start is by reviewing the master condominium documents the homeowners' association provided when you bought your home. As a condo owner, understand your changing insurance responsibility. Read notices from the HOA and your property managers to ensure proper insurance coverage. 

Always have an excellent working relationship with your insurance agent, because you may need to make changes periodically. 

For more information about  condo insurance in Vacaville, please contact Gateway Insurance.

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