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Are Your Tires Good Enough for Winter?

Nov 27, 2013

With winter rapidly approaching it is time to think about your tires. With all-season tires of today, many never consider the need for winter tires. The fact is, in a mild winter or in areas that see little or no snow, all-season tires are just fine.

In areas that get a lot of snow and cold in the winter, drivers may consider looking into tires specifically made for snowy conditions. These come in one of two categories, “All-Weather” and then “Snow Tires”. All weather tires will perform better than all-season in snowy conditions, but if you want the best traction in snowy conditions snow tires should be considered. Snow tires have deeper, more aggressive tread patterns that provide better gripping power. Make sure if you make a move to a more aggressive tire you do so on all four wheels or you could just be making matters worse.

Before all-season tires became commonplace, many people regularly changed to snow tires in the winter. It is done less frequently today, but it is certainly still an option.

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