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Know Your Rights Under Worker's Comp Insurance

Nov 18, 2013

Worker's comp insurance protects you against injuries sustained on the job. In the event of an accident on the job where you need medical care, your worker's comp policy will help pay for medical treatment for the injuries you sustained.

Most states require that employers buy worker's comp as part of their business insurance package in order to protect their employees. By becoming familiar with this coverage, you'll have a better understanding of what benefits you will receive. Generally, worker's comp covers:

  • medical bills for personal injuries or illness sustained from an accident on the job
  • permanent injury compensation  
  • replacement income
  • retraining costs
  • survival benefits in the event your injuries result in death

These benefits have limits and restrictions, depending on the situation and the state where you live. Self inflicting injuries or injuries caused by drinking, taking drugs or ignoring company policies would not be covered under worker's comp.

If you are covered under worker's comp, you are not allowed to sue your employer for injuries sustained on the job. Coverage does not include "pain and suffering" but does cover long term illnesses and injuries developed as a result of the work you've done over a long period of time.

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