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Ways You Can Drive Safer In The Rain

Nov 13, 2013

Driving in the rain is a headache and hassle that no one truly enjoys. However, driving in the rain isn't just about how wet you get when you're not inside the car, its making sure you're driving safer since the conditions aren't perfect. With just a few tips, not only can you drive safer in the rain, but you can be more aware of how drivers around you are handling the wet weather as well. 

- Realize that when it just starts raining, the layer of rubber and oil begins to lift. This creates conditions that can actually become slicker than driving on ice, so pay extra attention. 

- Even though you may have a four wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle, driving slower in the rain still makes sense. Water can pond on the road causing even 4x4 and AWD vehicles to hydroplane

- Rain also reduces visibility even with great wipers and headlights. Water reflects everything which creates a more confusing view-scape so paying extra attention is essential. 

- If you do begin to skid, gently turn your wheels into the skid while taking your feet OFF the pedals. When your vehicle begins to correct, gently steer out of the skid, GENTLY applying the brakes.

For those circumstances when nothing helps, knowing your auto insurance gives you the proper coverage is a great comfort. Gateway Professional Insurance Services in Vacaville CA is more than willing to help you make sure your car insurance policy is up to date. It may be "Rain, rain, go away" but having great insurance is here to stay.

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