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What Earthquake Insurance Will and Won't Cover

Nov 22, 2013

Experiencing the violence of an earthquake isn’t the only thing that makes survivors scared.  If you’re a home owner, finding out that you didn't have the right insurance to meet your needs can be really frightening.

One common misconception in California, where earthquakes often occur with no warning, is that a standard homeowner policy covers the damage.  The fact is that you need an add-on to your policy or a separate earthquake insurance policy to be covered.

According to the California Department of Insurance, basic earthquake insurance covers damage to your home, loss of personal property such as furniture, and temporary lodging during an evacuation or home repairs.  Each policy specifies dollar limits for these three types of loss.  In some cases, you can purchase additional coverage.

Earthquake policies typically exclude coverage that duplicates anything covered by your homeowners insurance, such as fire damage.  They usually exclude damage to land or vehicles and losses from water outside your home.

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