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Hosting a Holiday Party? Make Sure Your Homeowners Insurance is Enough.

Dec 20, 2013

This time of year is filled with holiday parties. Some are with relatives, some with friends, and others may be work related. If you are hosting a party, are you sure your homeowners insurance will cover you and your guests properly? Your coverage may not cover you for liability in case of accidents or other issues at your home, especially if your party is work-related.

It is always best to be sure. Check with your insurance agent regarding your homeowners insurance policy and possible limitations. You certainly don't want that type of surprise this holiday season.

If you have questions about your coverage, would like a review or are interested in getting a quote, please feel free to contact us. Whether you are currently a customer or not, we will be pleased to answer your questions. We are Gateway Professional Insurance Services and we are pleased to serve this area from our Vacaville, California offices.

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