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Who qualifies for workers compensation?

Dec 6, 2013

Today’s worker has a number of challenges to face. Unfortunate situations do happen on the job and you should be prepared in the event something happens. Many people automatically think they qualify for workers compensation, but do they? How will you know if you are covered?

First, you should know the eligibility requirements:

  • Your company must carry workers compensation insurance.
  • You must be an employee of the corporation.
  • Your injury must be work-related.

There are some restrictions. If your company only has four employees, you may want to check the laws to see whether or not they are required to have insurance. You should also make sure you are classified as an employee. Many small businesses avoid this scenario because they have you listed as an independent contractor, which would not qualify in this instance. Make sure you are properly classified. Last but not least, make sure your injury is work-related. If you hurt one of your limbs or back, develop carpal tunnel or get sick due to something you inhaled onsite, you should qualify for a work-related injury.

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