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Why We Love "Word of Mouth" Advertising

Dec 16, 2013

At Gateway Professional Insurance Services, we are very thankful for the loyalty of our customers. We love being part of the Vacaville, California community, and appreciate it when people provide referrals and nice comments about our services. Here are a few.

From Renee at California Carper Care: “YOU ARE AWESOME !!!! Great job- great service! Thank you so much!!!!”

R.C. has this to say “Having two vehicles and my identity stolen has been a bit traumatic,  but Safeco has been great, providing outstanding service in a troubling time for me.  I tell my story often, and do not hesitate to add that Safeco is a great insurance company.  Thanks again to everyone,”

Ryan shared this “It was a pleasure working with you. You really showed me how great customer service goes a long way.”

Kimberly expressed her gratitude by closing her comments with “Thank you for all of your efforts on my behalf - you are sincerely appreciated!”

We would like hearing your comments as well. Contact us at Gateway Professional Insurance Services. We love hearing from you!

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