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Plan Motorcycle Riding Around Weather Conditions

Jan 17, 2014

Motorcycles are an exciting and economical way to travel. The ability to bypass traffic and the feel of the open air turn your daily commute to work into something special. But, the downside is that the weather can affect your ride. Riding your motorcycle in wet and low-visibility weather conditions increases your risks on the road.

Subscribe to a weather service on your phone that will alert you to incoming bad weather conditions. By knowing when rain and fog are expected, you can plan your travels accordingly.

Make sure that you have clothing to fit the weather. Stash an extra coat at work so that you are prepared if the temperature turns unexpectedly cold.

And, always try to have a back-up plan. Stash cab fare, learn public transportation routes or make arrangements with a friend to get a ride if the weather is too dangerous for your motorcycle.

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