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Reviewing Your Insurance Policies: A Realistic New Year's Resolution

Jan 3, 2014

On the list of life-changing New Year’s resolutions reviewing your insurance policies may not seem that important. The staff at Gateway Professional Insurance Services wants you to start 2014 in the best possible way, and that includes a review of all your insurance policies.

The Benefits of a Review

It might seem like an exercise in frustration, but auditing your insurance policies can actually be an exercise in fiscal security. Here are just a few of the benefits to be gained:

  • You may qualify for better rates. An improved driving record, a new job, or smoking cessation may translate into lower premiums for your auto insurance. Newly installed safety systems could mean a discount on your home insurance.
  • New furniture, new technology or new art in your home could mean your old policy won’t provide adequate coverage if your possessions are lost or stolen.
  • A review of individual policies might reveal you’re over-insured and paying too much in premiums.
  • Bundling policies with one company may qualify you for a substantial discount on the total package.

For more information about policy reviews and their benefits contact the experts at Gateway Professional Insurance Services.

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