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Long List of New Laws for California Start in 2014

Feb 5, 2014

The state of California has a laundry list of new laws that start this year in 2014. Here is a sampling of a few of them.


AB 60 provides driver’s licenses for immigrants who are in the country illegally, available by Jan. 1, 2015.

AB 4 pushes back on a federal program requiring local law enforcement to detain arrested immigrants. Now jails can hold immigrants for federal immigration enforcement only if they have committed serious or violent crimes, as defined by the law.

Lead Ammunition

AB 711, which cites the health risk to wildlife in banning lead ammunition, requires the state’s Fish and Game Commission to work on a framework for phasing out lead bullets by July 2019.


AB 154 allows medical professionals such as nurse practitioners to perform a type of early abortion if they have received the necessary training.

Domestic Worker Rights

Known as the “Domestic Worker Bill of Rights,” AB 241 entitles housekeepers, nannies and other in-home laborers to overtime pay.

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