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Cleaning out your Life this spring

Mar 21, 2014

As we spring into spring, we just can't wait to tidy up our lives.  We clean out the nooks and crannies, neaten up our desks, and prepare to make the leap into a fresh new season, unburdened by the dustiness of the past.

While you're thinking about streamlining your life, it may also be a great time to review your policies.  When was the last time you thought about your car, home, or business insurance?  Have you taken inventory of items which you might want to schedule on your homeowners or renters policy?  When was the last time you appraised and updated your list of scheduled items?

As we grow and change, so do our insurance needs.  Is the coverage you have suitable to your current lifestyle?  Do you have not enough or too much coverage?

As always, we are here to help!  To discuss your needs (and what you might already have), contact a professional insurance broker.  For more information about insurance services in California, contact Gateway Professional Insurance Services

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