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Mitigate Business Threats to Control Insurance Rates

Mar 26, 2014

Business owners will learn the importance of following every recommendation from the insurance company.  Risk of loss is the primary factor in setting annual premiums for a business insurance policy.  Multiple facets of risk must be addressed to reduce the probability of filing a claim in the coming business year.
  • Comply with industry standards – Every industry has process standards that reduce risks to employees and property.  Compliance with these recommendations is required when the insurance company visits each site.
  • Evaluate property status – Unused equipment, obsolete security systems and lack of attention to risks on the site present significant potential for loss.  Insurance companies encourage all business owners to maintain a clean and safe premises for the health and safety of employees, vendors and customers.
  • Implement safety procedures – Each work process should follow the safety training courses offered to employees each year.  Fewer workplace accidents will occur when employees refrain from unsafe practices that cause loss.
  • Set the example – Business owners are wise to employ best practices in their own workday.  Employees notice high standards when the boss requires compliance with all of these recommendations.
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