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Teenage Dream: A Safe Car for your Teen

Mar 12, 2014

Getting your teenager home safely begins with good driving habits; but every good driver needs a good vehicle.  If you're considering a car for a teen driver in your life, there are some safety features you will want to think about when making your selection.

When it comes to your car, size does matter.  Large vehicles like trucks and SUVs can encourage false confidence on the road and reckless driving.  Additionally, their size can make them difficult for a new driver to manage.  Vehicles of this size also have a higher center of gravity, which increases the probability of roll-over in an accident.  Small compacts and subcompacts should be avoided since they don't provide the protection of a larger vehicle.  Choose something mid-range for the best safety and maneuverability balance.

New cars always offer the most state-of-the-art safety equipment, but if you cannot buy new, opt for a vehicle that is of a model year more recent than 2010 since that year saw great advances in standard safety equipment.

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