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Get Renter's Insurance for Your New Place

Apr 14, 2014

Keeping expenses down is a priority for many. In the interest of saving money, they cut corners wherever they can, and live without little luxuries that others enjoy. If you're renting a home or apartment, once you add up rent and utilities it can seem like you're already paying enough each month. Do you really need the extra expense of renter's insurance? The answer is yes. If you lose property because of a break in, a fire, or damage caused by leaks in your neighbors apartment, it is renter's insurance that can compensate you for your related losses --not homeowner's insurance or the insurance policy held by the owner of the building where you live. If you want to save money, you're better off getting fewer cable channels and using energy efficient light bulbs. Many new renters stress about adding another expense, when there is little need for concern. The expense is actually minimal depending on the level of coverage you are looking to get, and often discounts are available when you bundle with your auto insurance. And you can carry on with the peace of mind that you have done what is necessary to prepare for a potential catastrophe. Although renter's insurance isn't a huge expense, you still want to get a good deal and have a clear understanding of what your coverage options are. At Gateway Professional Insurance Services in Vacaville, California we can review not only your options for renters insurance, but we can give other insurance policies you hold, such as auto insurance or life insurance an evaluation and suggest alternative coverage you may prefer. Gateway Professional Insurance Services is a highly respected independent insurance agency that has served Californians since 1983 and currently employs nine full time agents to stay on top of our customers' insurance needs. To find out if your coverage can potentially be better or more affordable, contact Gateway Professional Insurance Services today.
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