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Three Tips to Stretch Your Food Budget

Apr 4, 2014

In the last few years, the costs of food have skyrocketed. Most people have had to devote extra cash to their grocery budgets just to provide basic food items for their families. While many people use coupons and sales to stretch their budgets, getting the most food for your money sometimes takes hard work and creativity. Here are three tips for pinching pennies on groceries. 1. Plan The most important thing that you can do to save money on groceries is to plan your meals and snacks carefully. This will help you avoid wandering around the store picking up items that you don't really need. You will also avoid wasting food that spoils before you can use it. After you make your meal plan, carefully check your pantry and make a list that includes everything that you need to prepare those meals. When you're shopping, stick to the list. 2. Soups Soups are a wonderful, inexpensive way to fill tummies at the table. Additionally, you can use half of the meat that you might use if you were creating an entree with several side dishes. Add in a plentiful supply of dried beans to increase the protein, and you will feel fuller, longer. 3. Cook from Scratch Learning to cook recipes from scratch can save you big bucks at the grocery store. Additionally, from-scratch meals are tastier and more nutritious than prepackaged goods. If you cook from scratch, you will be able to buy several staple items, like flour, salt, butter, eggs, and milk, and have ingredients for cookies, biscuits, pancakes, and breads. If you need a professional to review your homeowners insurance coverage in Vacaville, California, contact Gateway Professional Insurance Services today!
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