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Safety This July Fourth

Jun 30, 2014

Everyone loves a patriotic picnic complete with the pop and sparkle of fireworks. Unfortunately, each year around the Fourth of July holiday, emergency rooms see a huge surge in fireworks related accidents. These accidents range from minor burns to serious bodily damage, even blindness. It's best to leave the fireworks display to pyrotechnic professionals. However, as most states have not banned consumer fireworks, remember these safety tips for a safe Fourth of July Holiday with freedom from the emergency room.
  • Buy fireworks only from a reputable source
  • Store them in a cool, dry place before use.
  • Follow directions carefully.
  • Don't set off fireworks near dry leaves, brush or grass
  • Have a bucket of water or hose nearby.
  • Never let children set off fireworks of any kind. Supervise even the use of sparklers.
  • Only light one firecracker or other fire work at a time.
  • Don't try to re-light a "dud." After 15 minutes, soak in water and throw away.
  • Don't use fireworks while drinking alcohol or using drugs.
  • Never light firecrackers inside any container.
  • Don't point the fireworks towards anyone.
  • Don't hold your body directly over the fireworks when you are lighting them.
  • Obey local laws.
Gateway Professional Insurance Services reminds you to have a safe and happy holiday. And for information about insurance coverage in California contact Gateway Professional Insurance Services in Vacaville today.  
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