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Pulling Off Your New Summer Renovation Project

Jun 16, 2014

Have a new Summer home renovation project in mind? That's great, the Summertime is the perfect time to update your home. Just be sure to get everything in order before you start. Renovation projects came get rather tricky if you don't. People often forget about these common overlooked items when doing a renovation. Building Permits If you are building a new addition, garage or even a new shed, you will need permits in hand. Every town and city has their own building codes, so you must go down to your city office and find out what you need. Nearly all cities require a permit to build a garage. You may also need additional permits for fires to burn trash, or dispose of waste. Waste Disposal Renovations produce lots of waste. Be ready with a plan to dispose of it. Whether that means going to the dump, or renting a disposal bag, you need to be prepared. Finally, remember to insure your new renovation. If you need help with coverage or want more information contact Gateway Professional Insurance Services in California. 
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