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Auto Theft in California

Jul 9, 2014

Buying a car comes with the possibility of the car being stolen. Luckily in California, auto thefts are at an all time low in the recent years, but that does not mean that you are not at risk. A car is stolen every 26 seconds in the United States, which leads to auto theft being one of the top non-violent crimes in the country. There were 715,373 auto thefts in 2011 alone, with only 52 percent of those vehicles being recovered. California tops the list of the states with the most auto thefts, and contains 8 of the top 10 metro areas with high auto theft rates. While new cars may seem like they are the most likely targets for auto thefts, this is not the case. Older cars are stolen more often because they do not have the same security features, and the parts can more easily be sold off. Thieves can make up to a $10,000 profit for stripping and individually selling the parts of older vehicles. While the high number of auto thefts in California may seem like they would lead to higher insurance rates, it is not the case. California is one of the first states to pass a lay that allows insurance providers to base the insurance premiums off of a person’s driving record rather than the area that they live in. To make sure you have the proper auto insurance coverage to protect your car from theft in Vacaville, California, contact the insurance professionals at Gateway Insurance.
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