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Are Your Child's Belongings Covered While they are at College?

Aug 22, 2014

When getting ready to send your child off to college, it can be easy to forget a few important details, such as making sure their assets are covered with the right insurance coverage. When your kids are taking personal property to college, it is vital to make sure what they bring is covered by the right insurance. Make sure to contact your insurance agent before move-in day to make sure all of their belongings are covered. If you child is moving into an on-campus dorm, make sure to check your homeowners insurance policy to ensure that all of their belongings are covered under Coverage C. This will provide coverage for up to 10 percent of your personal property coverage of belongings that are kept at a different residence. If your child is living off campus, chances are that their property will not be covered under your homeowners insurance. Make sure to invest in a renter’s insurance policy for the coverage needed if your child is moving into a house or apartment off campus. Renter’s insurance can be purchased in either actual cash value, which will provide coverage for the original cost minus the deprecation, or the replacement cost of the items.  Make sure to talk to your insurance agent to find out which policy will provide the right amount of coverage for you. Before moving your child to college, make sure to take an inventory of everything that they are taking with them. That will help you decide on the right amount of coverage to ensure all of their belongings are covered. For all of your renters and homeowners insurance needs in the Vacaville, California area, contact Gateway Professional Insurance Services. We can help to make sure that your child has the right amount of coverage when they head off to college.
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