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Eliminate Gaps In Your Coverage For The New Year

Jan 9, 2015

New Year Insurance Review Every New Year people take a look at their lives and pledge to lose weight, get organized, or set other goals for themselves. Why not take this time to take a look at your insurance policies to make sure you have the coverage you need? Include reviewing and updating your various insurance policies in your resolution for 2015. It is a good idea to review your insurance policies every now and then to make sure they still offer the protection you need. With life constantly changing, your insurance might start to have some gaps, which can cost you down the line if something happens and you find out that you do not have enough coverage. You should look closely at the coverage you are paying for at least every year, but if you have significant changes to your life you may want to review your insurance more often. Times that you might want to consider reviewing and updating your policies are:
  • If the home market has experienced a significant change, you should make sure that you have enough insurance to cover the cost of your house, which might have gone up with the market leaving you with a gap in coverage.
  • If you have recently renovated your home, reviewing your policies makes sure that all your new items are fully protected. New furniture, or updated appliances might even open up some discounts that may not have previously been available to you.
Get in touch with your insurance provider to see how any changes in your life might have affected your policies and what discounts might be available to you. Keep in mind the importance of reviewing your insurance policies as the New Year starts, to make sure that you have the coverage you need. Contact Gateway Professional Insurance Services in Vacaville for all of your homeowner’s insurance needs in California.
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