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Advantages Of Working With An Independent Agent

Feb 27, 2015

Independent Agent Benefits Finding the right insurance policy, whether it is meant to provide coverage for your home or your car, can be stressful and confusing. With all the different coverage options and policies available, it can be hard to invest in the right policy for your needs. Luckily, working with an independent insurance agent will make the process much easier. There are many advantages of working with an independent agent, including:
  • Extra choices – independent insurance agents do not work with just one insurance company, they work with many different affiliates. Working with various affiliates allows them to offer you more choices of insurance policies to ensure that you choose the policy that will provide the right amount of coverage.
  • Save money – with all the extra choices that independent insurance agents are able to offer, they are also able to offer policies in many different price ranges, allowing you to choose the right policy that will best fit with your budget.
  • Claims – if you ever have to make a claim with your insurance company, your independent agent will work with you throughout the entire process. Since they do not work for a single insurance company, they do not have to follow the same strict protocol and can work with you to ensure that your claim is handled as soon as possible.
  • Unbiased advice – independent insurance agents can give you unbiased advice on which insurance policy will work best for you, even if it is not a policy that they are able to offer.
Contact the insurance professionals at Gateway Professional Insurance Services in Vacaville, California for all of your insurance needs. As an independent insurance agency, we will work with you to ensure that you have the right amount of protection, all at the right price.
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