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New Home Technologies to Look Out For

Mar 13, 2015

Home Automation Advancements New home technologies are popping up every day, helping to make life at home a little simpler and easier. If you are thinking about installing new technology into your house, consider installing one or more of these top home technology trends.
  • Integration – making your home completely integrated can create a whole new experience in your house. With just the touch of your finger, you can control the heating, lighting, security, audio, gate access, and many other systems on one, easy to use touchscreen.
  • Productivity – you no longer have to be at home to have access to what is going on. New home technologies give you the ability to control your security systems and HVAC systems from anywhere in the world right on your laptop or tablet.
  • Transparency – when big screen TVs came out, they were all the rage. However, they took up a ton of space in the room that they were installed in. New technologies allow large TVs to be hidden in the ceiling or at the foot of the bed so that you only have to see the screen when you want to.
  • Sustainability – if the power goes out, there are very few things that you can do at home. Having a method to power your house, such as solar panels, can help to ensure that you do not have to rely on city power. It can also help to cut down your energy bill to almost nothing.
  • Interactivity – video games are no longer just for teenagers. Installing a completely interactive media room to create the best experience possible when playing games can help you experience the games to the fullest extent.
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