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Make Your House Shine With These Spring Cleaning Tips

Apr 15, 2015

Spring Cleaning 101 Spring is in full swing, which means it is the best time to get started on your spring cleaning list. To help your house shine from top to bottom this season, keep these spring cleaning tips in mind.
  • Wipe down your walls and ceilings. Use your vacuum to get rid of any extra dirt and dust, and use a mild detergent to get rid of any built up dirt and grime. Make sure to test any detergent in a small, out of the way area to ensure that it does not hurt any paint.
  • Shampoo your rugs – you can shampoo any carpet or rugs that have waterproof backings to help get out any dirt or grime that has been ground into the carpet. Any rugs that do not have backings, such as Oriental rugs, need to be cleaned professionally.
  • Clean your window treatments – take down any drapes or curtains that are machine washable and throw them into your washing machine. Wipe down wooden blinds with a damp cloth.
  • Reseal your grout lines – grout that is between tiles on your floor, countertop, and walls is very porous and can stain easily. Reseal your grout, and then use a grout sealer to help keep out any stains.
  • Wax wood furniture – wipe down your wood furniture, and then apply a paste wax with a cotton rag. Finish the process by buffing with a clean cloth.
  • Wash your screens – take the screens off of your windows and scrub them with a soft brush with a mild detergent. While the screens are off, it is also the perfect time to wash your windows.
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