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Save Money and Stay Cool With These Tips

Jul 31, 2015

Home Cooling Tips

As the temperatures continue to rise for summer, you may also find that your energy bill is going up. While turning on your air conditioner is an easy way to cool down, it can also lead to an empty wallet. Keep these home cooling tips in mind to help save money this season.

  • Seal it up – if your home is not sealed or insulated properly, it can be letting the hot summer air leak in, which will sabotage any of your cooling efforts. Make sure all doors and windows are properly sealed, and that your walls have the proper amount of insulation.
  • Ventilate – when the sun goes down in the evening and during the cool morning hours, open your doors and windows. The natural ventilation throughout your house can help to cool it down while also letting the fresh air in.
  • Turn on your fans – Turing on ceiling fans, or investing in oscillating stand fans can help the room that you are in feel a couple of degrees cooler. Keep in mind that fans will not actually lower the temperature of the room, so turn them off when you leave so that you do not waste energy.
  • Remember the basics – when the sun is out, keep your curtain closed. Turn off all lights when you leave a room. Making small, basic changes will add up, leading to a much cooler house throughout the summer.

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