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Enjoy Your Summer With These Kid Friendly Activities

Jul 17, 2015

Give These Summer Activities A Try! Summer is here, and while your kids may be jumping for joy, you may be scrambling to find fun activities to do with them. Keep these local summer kid activities in mind to keep your children entertained all summer long. For the little artists:
  • Body painting – head outside and let your kids get messy! Nontoxic, washable paint will allow your children to make creations on their own body, and will come off with just soap and water!
  • Splatter painting – if your child has a hard time thinking of something to draw, encourage them to just splatter the paint on the canvas. Use a spoon or brush to fling all different colors to create a masterpiece. Make sure to put an old sheet on the ground to keep your yard clean.
For the science-minded:
  • Plant something – start a garden with your children. Have them plant and grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables as a long-term learning activity that will have a beautiful payoff.
  • Look up – stay up late and look up at all the stars. There are many star locator apps that are available that will help you point out various stars and constellations in the night sky.
For a little relaxation:
  • Grab a book – reading is not just for book reports, it can be fun all year long! Find a book that has a summer theme, or is set in your vacation destination. The book will help to connect your children at all of their summer activities.
All of us at Gateway Professional Insurance Services in Vacaville, California would like to encourage you to try these inexpensive summer activity ideas to make the most of your summer vacation!
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