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Stay Safe with These Labor Day Driving Tips

Aug 26, 2015

As one of the busiest weekends on the road, plan and prepare to keep your trip safe and enjoyable.

Breaking down on the road, getting into an accident, or suffering from car failure is not an ideal way to spend the beginning or the end of a road trip. Here are a few essential tips to keep dangers and inconveniences at bay while you enjoy a great holiday weekend: Get Your Car in Shape The last thing you want on Labor Day is to have your car break down on the road. Not only can tow trucks be too busy to get you quickly, but you don’t want to spend your long weekend stuck at the garage. Before your travels, receive at routine check of the engine, radiator, and fluids. Ensure that the tires are well inflated and that the wiper fluid is filled. Avoid The Traffic Ideally, set off early on Saturday morning, or before 4:00pm or after 10:00pm on a Friday to avoid most of the traffic. You can also plug your destination in a GPS to take an alternate route for when traffic piles up. Stay Safe While you may want to drive through the night, the risk of falling asleep or losing concentration is at it’s greatest. If you want to avoid traffic by traveling through the night, try to take it in shifts: one sleeps while the other drives. Look out for trucks driving through the night too. They have multiple blind spots, and cannot break fast enough to avoid a collision if things get tight. Be sure to leave enough car lengths. Protect Against the Unexpected While you can take all of the necessary safety precautions, accidents can still happen. Ensure that your car has the proper protection by visiting Gateway Professional Insurance Services to receive auto insurance that will give you the peace of mind when traveling over the Labor Day weekend!
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