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Does Your College Kid Need Rental Insurance?

Aug 21, 2015

While the dorm room may not be large, it can house expensive items essential to your college student

From laptops, tablets, printers, TVs, and those all-important-textbooks, the items in your kid’s dorm room can quickly amount to over a few hundred dollars. You may be wondering if you need to purchase renter’s insurance to cover all of the belongings that your student heads off to school with. Accidents can happen, especially in college dorms and apartments. These places can be the targets of vandalism, fires, and theft. As a parent, you can make sure that your college student doesn't suffer loss of equipment or financial hardship if one of these incidents were to occur. You may not need an extra insurance policy, as your current homeowners insurance may extend protection for your student’s possessions if they’re living in a dorm, on-campus, or at a sorority house. If your child is renting an apartment off campus, you may want to consider a separate renters insurance policy to fully cover all of their belongings. Take an inventory of everything that your college student plans to take to school. This helps to determine the coverage that you might need (and serves as a useful move-out checklist!). If you can, take pictures of all the items to refer back to in case you need to file an accident or damage claim.  Contact Gateway Professional Insurance Services for the renters insurance that will protect your kid’s belongings!
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