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Wildfire Safety for Your Home 101

Aug 17, 2015

Don’t let your house get caught in a wildfire, and prevent the risk of one starting

It has been discovered that the physical geographical location is the most important factor of determining wildfire risk, over wild land vegetation. Buildings on steep slopes, in Santa Ana wind corridors, and in low-density developments combined with wild lands were found to be the most likely to get caught in a wildfire. The nearby vegetation was not a highly influential factor in home devastation. It was found that homes that were surrounded by a large amount of grass were burnt more than homes with higher fuel volumes, such as shrubs. Despite the location of the homes, in 2014, Cal Fire responded to 1,000 more wildfires than in an average year. This trend has continued well into 2015. California residents are urged to take precautions to reduce the likelihood of fires starting and catching, regardless of their home location. This can be aided by:
  • Clear all flammable material and vegetation around your home
  • Keep a water supply close
  • Carefully maintain any outdoor fires, such as fire pits
  • Regularly trim tree branches
  • Remove dead or dry leaves from gutters
  • Cut grass to a maximum of 4 inches in height. (Note: Be sure to never mow dry grass on a hot and windy day as this can spark a fire!)
Whatever the location of your home may be, ensure that you do not face loss and financial hardship if a wildfire was to happen. Visit Gateway Professional Insurance Services for homeowners insurance to protect your home when you need it the most. We are committed to finding you the best policy for your Californian home, budget, and needs.
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