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BBQ Season is Here!

by Amanda Finerty on Jul 6, 2017

I would say that the moment temps hit 95 Degrees, Summer was here! But July 1st marks the official start of BBQ Season and it is no mistake that July is also Hot Dog Month! How many Hot Dogs have you and your family consumed already?

If you are lucky enough to have a Pool in your backyard, invite your Insurance Agents over, cause that's the perfect setting for a perfect BBQ party!

But, wait a minute, have you ever considered what would happen if someone was injured at your BBQ? What if someone choked on a Hot Dog? The BBQ caught fire? Someone was injured in the pool? Now would be a good time to review your Homeowners insurance policy, or your Renters Insurance policy to discuss with one of our Customer Service Representatives your policy coverages.

A standard Homeowners or Renters insurance policy should cover you for almost any unfortunate event; injury, fires, property damage - But do you carry enough Liability coverage?

Think you don't need the coverage cause you are a Tenant and do not own the home? Renters Insurance extends farther than you would think!

Your Gateway Agents want you to enjoy every BBQ'ing moment! We want you to have the Best, Safest Party your friends will remember for Summers to come. So review a few tips to keep everyone safe and call us to review your coverages!

A Few Safety Tips from your #GatewayGals:

1. Have a Pool? Life Vests, floating devices, are a MUST! Even if the children choose not to wear them, its a good idea to have enough around just in case. You did your part by providing the protection!

2. The Obvious - 'Walk DONT Run' around the pool!

3. Make Adult supervision a requirement when Children are in the pool!

4. Keep Pets and Children, even some adults, at a 3-foot distance from the Grill!

5. Protect yourself! Keep your hands and arms safe, wear some grilling Gloves!

6. Do Not leave the Grill unattended!

We Hope these Friendly BBQ'ing Safety Tips help you achieve the Best Party of the Season! Feel free to share some of your tips with us too!

From Your #GatewayGals

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