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Spring Cleaning Check List

Apr 3, 2018

                                                          Room By Room

                                                   Spring Cleaning Check List




- Dust Refrigerator Coils

Turn off power at circuit breaker or fuse box. Coils are usually
at the bottom of the refrigerator, under the grill. Clean coils with the crevice attachment of
a vacuum or a specialty refrigerator-coil brush, available at hardware stores.

- Defrost The Freezer

Turn off power at circuit breaker or fuse box. Empty freezer’s contents;
wipe interior with a solution of 2 tablespoons baking soda per 1 quart hot water


- Swap Heavy Curtains, Rugs, and Throws for Lightweight Ones

 Clean items first. To store, roll material around an acid-free tube; wrap in a clean sheet of cotton, muslin, or
polyethylene; secure with twill tape, and label each bundle so you’ll know which is which.


- Rotate Bed And Change Blankets

Turn over your mattress to distribute the wear evenly. Replace cool-weather bedding with warm-weather bedding.

- Clean Pillows                

Whether made of natural fibers (such as down) or synthetic (often polyester),
most pillows can be machine-washed. This rids them of mold, bacteria, and odors.


- Discard Expired Cosmetics and Beauty Products

 Secure these items in a plastic trash bag, and keep it out of reach of children and animals.

- Update First-Aid Kit

 In addition to bandages and ointments, the kit should include a list of emergency numbers, especially the one for your nearest poison-control center.


- Organize Files

Review insurance policies, contracts, and household inventories.

- Clean Computers

Scrub casings with solution of 1 drop mild dishwashing liquid per 1 quart of water and a lint-free cloth; dust cervices in keyboards with cotton swabs; wipe screens with a soft cloth or a dry screen-cleaning sponge.


- Clean Porch Ceiling and Walls

Sweep up cobwebs and debris and wash walls

- Scrub Decks, Patios, Driveways, and Walkways

Treat mildew spots

- Wash Outdoor Furniture

- Inspect Light Fixtures

Wash covers, and check for damaged wires and connections

Happy Cleaning! Thanks for Stopping by!

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